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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay # 21 IncestBy now Jay knew all the better stops cross country on his run,the guy was
having the time of his life.
Sometimes his dad or uncle would have time off and ride with him,he had
really had his young ass tore up in that sleeper of his.
No only by his dad and uncles but also by other truckers he had become
aquainted with.One week end his mom and dad both rode with him,he was proud of being able
to show off for his mom,telling her all about the trucks and the people he
had met.
"You meet many girls Jay"She asked.
"Sure mom,sometimes."
"You have sex with them"?
"Aw come on mom,don't do that."He said and why in the world he done it he
never knew,but he blushed and she teased the hell out of him.At a stop in N/C,there was a woman who looked to be in her free virgin girl lolitas mid twenties and
had a boy with her who looked to be about ten setting near there booth as
they ate.Jay noticed hi mom watching her pretty close as his dad and him
discussed the route.
The woman and boy had went out side just before they paid there check and
went out the door."Hey mister."
Jay turned to seee if she was speaking to her.
"You talking to me?"He said.
"Yes,I overheard you say you were going to the coast,thought maybe you might
have room for my brother and I."She said.
"Brother my foot,that kids hers."His mom whispered from behind him."I'm sorry lady,I have two people with me already ,there family,I'm not
suppose to have anyone else riding with me."Jay said.
"I know,thats what some of the guys told me already,but I'm desperate,we're
running out of money and I need to get us home with my folks.We won't take
up much room,I'll do whatever you want if you'll take us along."She said,a
pleading look in her eyes."Let her come along."His mom whispered again.
"But mom,"
Don't but your mom,do as I say."She said,nudging his rips as she smiled.
"Ok lady,guess you got a ride,here,give me that case."
Jay through her suitcase in the box,then helped them up,the women took the
sleeper and the guys sat up front.The boy was really excited as he watched Jay shift gears,asking all kinds of
questions,but Jay enjoyed it,made him think of himself not so many years
back.Like him,the boy had a baby face,a cute little shit at that.
He could hear his mom and the girl talking,she said her name was Julie and
the boy's name was Devin.It wasn't long before the boy was asleep,his head alying on his dad's
Four hours later,he stopped so the could use the bath room,had a snack,then
was back on the road.
The boy was still sleepy and his dad had let him lay his head in his
lap,petting his head as he smiled down at him.They rode all that day,stopping only to eat,then was back on the road making
He could hear his mom and Julie talking softly,then the curtain closed
His dad looked at him smiling as there was movement behind them,shuffling
and whispering.
It wasn't long before the soft moaning begin.Jay put his finger over his lips as he looked at his dad,then flipped a
swith which opened a screen showing the berth on a closed circuit he had
enstalled a few months earlier.
Julies was stripped as was his mom,with hsi mom's head between her thighs as
Julie gripped her head.
Her eyes were closed as she slowly rolled her head from side to side.Even though Jay prefered other guys,he had to admire Julies body,her firm
tits and rounded ass as well as her well sandra teen lol model
shaped thighs.
Her legs were over his mom's shoulders as she hunched her pretty ass gently
to meet his mom's tongue.
He never knew she had sex with other women before this and by the way she
went at it,she had done it quite a few times before.His dad had his eyes glued to the sceen,no doubt thinking how he would like
to fuck Julie himself.
Jay glanced down at Devin and saw his dad had slipped his hand under his
waist band and was feeling the boys soft ass,just like he used to do his.
He watched as he began working the boys shorts over his hips,exposing his
cute little buttocks,then parted them,showing Jay a cute little,sexy hole.HIs dad wet a finger,running it lolita's with huge tits back and forth over the boys anus as he
stirred in his sleep.
Reaching in the door bag,he pulled out my ky,lubbed his finger,leaving a
glob on the tip as he placed it to Devins fuck hole.
He had worked the tip inside and the boy groaned,trying to move away as his
dad stopped,letting him calm down,before moving the finger in more.Jay had to admit the sight of that little ring hole was exciting him
aslo,but knew that this was not the time.
"He motioned for his dad not to go any farther as he whispered,"No!Thats
enough dad,later."
His dad removed his finger,sucking it in his mouth as he closed his
eyes,maoning softly.Julie had climaxed and his mom was laying on top of her,grinding her pussy
into Julies dark muff.
They kissed some ,ore as the two of them came back to the present.
Jay returned his eyes to his dad and Devin as his dad said,"I can tell you
one thing for sure,this boy has been fucked before.His hole is tight,but not
as much so as it should be."
"Are you sure dad?"Jay asked.
"I'm sure,you can bet on it."
Jay took peeks at the the boy's cute little ass,he remembered when he was
that age and loved to look at his own melon cheeks in the mirror,he had to
admit that he would love to eaat Devin's little ass.His mom's hand slipped between the curtains,tapping his dad on the shoulder.
His dad set Devin up,leaning him against Jay's shoulder,then removed his
As his mom came out of the sleeper,his dad took her place.
His mom then took Devin in her lap.
Jay watched the screen as Julie pushed at his dad,whispering, "No,I don't
want to do this."
But his dad had already enserted a finger up her wet pussy,shuting off her
words with his mouth over hers.Jay could see that his dad's cock was hard and ready.
"Did you watch us while we had sex?'His mom asked,smiling.
"Every minute."Jay said,smiling back.
"Make you hot?"
"Made me very hot."Jay laughed.
"What about the boy,he see it to?"
"No,he hasn't woke up once,"Dad say's the boy has been screwed before."
"Well,your daddy ought to knew."She laughed.Jay returned to the screen just as his dad's big cock began sliding inside
Julies swollen pussy,watching as it slowly dissapered.
Julie must have changed her mind,her legs were wrapped around hid dad's
ass,her heels digging in for the long haul.
All this was getting to Jay,what with driving and trying to arrange his
pants to accomodate his hard cock.
There was a rest area coming up a couple of miles ahead.When they came up on
it,Jay turned the rig in,parking down on the very end.Pulling the curtain back a little,he reach his hand in between there
legs,wetting his finger with there juice,then sucked it clean,damm! it
tasted good.
Jay was really worked up by now as he began to gently work Devin's short
pants down over his hips,once again exposing that sweet little ass.
His mom was one step ahead of him as she situated the boy's body,placing it
with in reach of Jay's mouth.
Jay parted the boys cheeks,gently kissing that puckered hole,flicking his
tongue up and down the crack as young bald lolita pussy
Devin stired and whined a little.His mom laughed as she said,"Well I'll be damm,the little faker is awake."
Devin knew he was caught and smiled up at her.
"How long you been awake you little imp?"She laughed.
"Ever since the man put his finger in me."
"Has anyone ever put more than a finger in your hole?"She asked.
"My dad,three times."
"Your mama know about it?"
"Did you like it?"
Not the first time,but I liked it some after that."He said.
"Where is your dad now?"
"We don't know,mama said he ran away."Jay's mom placed his head in her lap as Jay began eating his young
ass,working his hungry tongue up his tight little shit chute.
His mom was petting the boys head as she watched her husban and Julie
The skinny lolita porm bbs girl had became worked up all over again as he plunged his rod up her
hot love hole profoundly.
Her eyes closed tight as she hugged him tightly.Jay's dad was french kissing
her,swapping tongues as he hunched faster."He's going to cum."His mom said.
"Sure enough,just as Julie gasped and her body jerked,his dad growned,lifted
his head as he gritted his teeth,shoot her hot puaay full best lolita sex tgp of cream,there was
so much you could see it oozing from her cunt.
By now Jay was almost beside himself as he quickly removed his
clothes,lubbed Devins ass then lubbed his cock before guiding it between
thos lovely melon cheeks,touched the little fuck hole,the head of his cock
spreading the boy's ass open in a perfect round circle as it made it's
journey up the dark channel of his young ass.Devin never made a sound,keeping his lolitas toplist dark links head buried deep in Jay's mom's lap.
The warmth and tightness of the boys male pussy was almost to much for
Jay,he had to stop and take several deep Breaths.
"Must be really good the way your acting."His mom said.
"I..t..i..s.Really"Jay said,sighing.
On the scree,his mom watched as her husband was sucking Julies cunt,sucking
to retrieve his cum mixed with her juice and was suck--ceed--ing.Jay lay back against the door,pulling Devin with him,then began lifting him
up and down on his dick,watching his meat roll the lips of the boys ass
in,then out as he pulled back,Jay never knew why,but something about ring
hole and it's lips qlways turned him on.
His mom was kissing the boy,talking soothing to him as he got his ass
reammed.Julie was saying no and his dad sounded determened as he had his head
underher pussy,holding her hips tight so she could not move away.
"Do it Julie,you don't get up till you do."He said.
Julie held her head back as she gritted her teeth,then a gush of warm,green
liguid shot from her pussy,filling his Dad's mouth.
As Jay fucked Devins sweet ass,he could hear his dad whimper as he gulped
down Julie's piss.As Devin hugged Jay's mom and she continued to skinny lolita porm bbs
kiss him, playing with his
little cock,Jay gasp,ramming his cock deep inside the boy's young
ass,holding it there as his spern flooded his ennerds.
When Jay looked up,Julie and his dad was watching them.It never really
seemed to upset Julie as she watched her son gettin an ass full of cum.As coustamary,Jay proceeded to suck Devin's tasty ass till he had his cum,or
most of it,swallowing it.
After they had straightened themselves up,Jay drove untill they found a
motel,renting a room with two king king size beds.
The women showered together first,then the guys,Devin thought it was really
cool,as he stared at the men's big dicks."Jays dad winked at him as he said,"Get the lube son."He stepped out,got the
ky from his toliet kit then stepped back in the shower.
"Remember how Ned and I double donged you that time?
"How could I ever forget,I loved doing that."Jay said.
"Well why don't we break ole Devin in right."
"Anybody ever fuck you with your dad Devin?"
"No,just my dad."He asnwered.Jay and his dad rubbed ky over there cocks,then had the boy bend over as
Jay's dad worked more up Devins lolita toplist preteen girls little ass,he worked till he had four
fingers up the boys ass,twisting and turning them so as to stretch his hole
for what was about to come.
Jay ran his arms under Devins,then lifted him up.
"Wrap you legs around my waist Devin,then put your arms around my neck."he
The boy done as Jay said,smiling down at him as he kissed Jays mouth.Jay lowered him gradually till he felt his cock slide between thos soft
cheeks,the crown of it stretching the boys ass open and sliding in that
tight,young hole once again.
His dad stepped behind Devin,guyiding his cock between the boys cheeks,just
abou Jays.
The boy wrapped his arms around Jays neck tight as the second cock forced
it's way lolita toplist preteen girls inside with the other dick."Does it hurt Devin?Jay asked.
"Yes,!It hurts a lot Jay."
:Just hang on they, done this to me when I was about your age,the pain goes
away in time,just hang on to my neck."
"Devin done just that as Jay's dad's dick continued it's journey,then his
belly was pressing against the cheeks of the boy's ass.He allowed there
cocks to soak while they gave Devin time to get used to both of them filling
his hole."You ok Devin?"Jay asked.
"I am now,it's beginning to feel better."
Jay lifted him up slowly,then let him basck down again,doing this slow
untill Devin was comfortable with it.
His dad stood still,with his arms wrapped around the two of them,letting Jay
controll the sped,but raising Devin up and down.The door opened and the two women stood there watching.
"There splitting him open!"Julie cried,but Jays mom assured her the boy was
all right."Look,can't you see the smile on his face?"
Sure enough,Devin was smiling as he placed his lips over Jays,running his
tongue in his mouth.
Jay's mom was kissing Julie again then in a flash they were naked
again,Jay's mom pressing down on Julies shoulders,forcing her to her knees
as she pressed the womans face to her pussy.
Julie was still watching us as she began to eat his mom's cunt."You about there son?"His dad asked.
"Pretty close dad."Jay answered.
"Won't be long now,my cock can't take much more of that tight friction.His
dad moaned.
Jay was lifting Devin up and down faster now,as he lost controll a bit and
was trying lolita's with huge tits to hunch at the same time,causing more friction to there cocks.
"Now boy!Now!......His dad cried out,shooting his load up Devins young ass
at the same time Jay unloaded his.There was so much cum it was running down
the bys legs as they pulled there cocks out.Jay's dad bent the boy opver looking at his fresh fucked ass.:Look at that
Jay."He said.
Jay leaned over looking where he pointed,Devins ass hole was stretched to a
round circle bigger than a quarter.
Jay let his dad have the honors in tonging Devins ass out.
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